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Ethereum Developer

What is Ethereum?

With the success of Bitcoin, many started to understand the technology behind Bitcoin and came with BlockChain. After realizing the potential of BlockChain in different areas like physical asset management, public record management, need of a system arrived where BlockChain application can be developed. This is how Ethereum came into existence. So Ethereum is the Platform where you can develop BlockChain based Application.

Key Skill Required by Ethereum Developer

  1. Detail knowledge of  Smart Contracts
  2. Understanding of Decentralized App
  3. IndepthKnwoledge of Solidity Programming Langauge
  4. Understanding Angular JS and other Javascript Framework for FrontEnd

Techaroha Ethereum Development Team has knowledge of all the above technologies and has developed few projects in BlockChain technology in Banking Domain.

What is Smart Contract

Smart Contract is the core of Ethereum around which applications are developed. Smart Contract is Programmed using Solidity. Smart Contract is same as the real-life paper contract only differences are

  1. It’s Self Executable based on predefined rules and Conditions.
  2. It’s Digital

Why PGFX Team For Ethereum Developer

Ethereum is used to developed blockchain Application.Many Government and Private Organization, the especially banking sector in developed countries have realized the importance of this technology. This organization is devoting their resources to become the exclusive solution provider in this domain.

In India, there are very companies which are working towards the implementation of BlockChain and acquire the expertise of the same. PGFX Team and Management realize the potential of this Technology much before its competitor and have started developing the application in BlockChain using Ethereum. Becuase of an early start, PGFX Team has more expertise and good Ethereum developer in India than any other company .

PGFX team has a hand on experience in handling the complex architecture of development in peer to peer distributed network. The team has developed a distributed application for Document Processing in with reduced cost and improve efficiency with 0% vulnerability to attacks.The team is well aware of different platforms like Ethererum, HyperLedger etc. used for distributed application development and their respective programming languages like Solididty.

Team member of PGFX Team is certified in BlockChain Essentials by IBM for application development.

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