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BlockChain Projects and Concepts


With the Success of Bitcoin, many organization has started exploring the possibility of use of Block Chain in different areas of including many governments around the globe. Block Chain can be used to manage any form asset and supply chain. They can be used to complete automated contracts and reduce the cost by many folds compared to current system.

 Though blockchain was initially implemented for Bitcoin, we can say that Bitcoin is just one of the application of Block Chain, it has a very vast scope and many applications can be created in order to bring more transparency and robustness.Many Applications like Property Registration System, Resume Managment, Asset like a car, mobile management everything can be developed in Block Chain, which will bring more transparency in the current system and will reduce the risk of collapse and system or server failure. With the participation of individuals and community, it is ensured that application will never go down and will put everything into public view.What can be Done With BlockChain here is the List of BlockChain Projects and Concepts

What can be Done With BlockChain here is the List of BlockChain Projects and Concepts?

BlockChain Projects and Concepts

Echeque Banking System
Search Engine (Coming Soon)
Secured Document Exchange (Coming Soon)
Loans & Contracts (Coming Soon)
Vehicles - Easy Sell & Purchase (Coming Soon)
Property Registration (Coming Soon)
Medical Records of Individuals (Coming Soon)
Hotel Booking Site (Coming Soon)
Agriculture Stock Movement (Coming Soon)
Robust Voting System (Coming Soon)
Taxation System (Coming Soon)
Crowdfunding Projects (Coming Soon)
Cab service like Ola and Uber (Coming Soon)



And Much More..